Concept of assets contents in Docify engine

All of the files in the input site which are not pages are considered to be assets.

Usually main page contains images, styles, scripts as assets, while children pages may contain images etc.

For example the following folder structure

Will result into _assets\styles\main.css and _assets\scripts\main.js assets be associated with the main (index.html) page while logo.png will be associated with page1

This will generate the following urls in the resulting site


Assets will be associated with first default page (i.e. or index.html). For example


Will result into file.txt be assigned to page1 in a sub-folder page2. This still generates the same url structure and only needs to be considered when developing plugins


Although _assets is not a special name in Docify and assets can be placed in any folder, it is recommended for the root assets to use the _assets folder. This name is used in all items from the standard library

By default assets are not compilable and will be output as is into the published site. However in some cases it can be beneficial for the assets to use dynamic content. This can be achieved by referring the includes and explicitly setting the files pattern in compilable-assets array, to resolve includes in the configuration.

The following setting in the configuration would resolve the includes for all xml files

    - '*.xml'
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
{% my-include %}

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