Configuration file in Docify

Configuration file is the special YAML file named _config.yml in the root folder of the site, inherited from metadata. Configuration file is optional.

Configuration holds additional information and parameters which can be accessed in dynamic content and also utilized by plugins and components

Special Parameters

Configuration can store any parameters, but there are several special parameters which serve a specific purpose


theme parameters allow defining a theme of the site

theme: base


components array parameters define what components need to be included in the site from the library

  - comp1
  - comp2
  - comp3


plugins array parameters define what plugins need to be included in the site from the library

  - plugin1
  - plugin2
  - plugin3

Components, themes and plugins are loaded from the specified library

Ignore Files

ignore array parameters allows to specify the list of files to be ignored and not loaded

  - *.xml
  - \bin\*

Default Layout

default-layout parameter specifies the default layout to be used for pages, if the layout is not explicitly specified:

default-layout: default

Environment Specific Configuration

Environment specific configuration file can be specified by adding the environment as the suffix:

_config.{Environment Name}.yml

For example, _config.test.yml will be a test environment-specific configuration file and will only be loaded if test is specified as the environment name when building or serving the site using --env switch.

Environment specific configuration will override the default configuration for existing parameters (it will not replace the original configuration, but merge it).

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