Enabling comments using Disqus

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Comments section with Disqus
Comments section with Disqus

This component allows to enable comments for the pages on the site.

Component is using Disqus for comments. It is required to have Disqus account to use this component (free version is supported).


  • short-name - disqus account short name
  • count - true to enable the comments count badge
  • environment - environment where comments are enabled (default production). Use - to enable comments in all environments.
  • sitemap (page metadata) - if false, comments will not be rendered
  • comments (page metadata) - if false, comments will not be rendered

Comment badge
Comment badge


Add the include into the html, where it needs to be rendered.

<article class="post">
    {% disqus %}

To show the comments count badge add the

<a href="@Model.Page.FullUrl#disqus_thread" data-disqus-identifier="@Model.Page.FullUrl"></a>

This component is included into the user guide theme and blog theme

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