Adding social links to the site

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This component allows to automatically generate social links for the most common social platforms.

Social links on the site
Social links on the site


  • linkedin - url to LinkedIn page
  • facebook - url to Facebook page
  • pinterest - url to Pinterest page
  • reddit - url to Reddit page
  • github - url to GitHub page
  • youtube - url to YouTube page
  • nuget - url to NuGet page
  • twitter - url to Twitter page
  • rss - url to RSS page
  • email - contact e-mail
  • color - custom color. If not specified, default color of the social platform is used

If url is not specified, social link will not be added.


Add the reference to /_assets/styles/social-links.css style into the head of the page.

Add the include into the HTML node (usually added to the footer)

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/_assets/styles/social-links.css" />
<div class="foot-social">
    {% social-links %}

This component is included into the base theme

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