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This plugin allows to optimize scripts and styles in the site in 3 ways

  • Bundle scripts and files into a single file
  • Remove unused scripts and styles (usually as the result of bundling)
  • Minify styles and scripts. This functionality is implemented using the YUICompressor.NET


  • minify-css - true to minify all style (css) files (default is false)
  • minify-js - true to minify all JavaScript (js) files (default is false)
  • assets-scope-paths - array of paths for the css and styles to process (use this if certain styles or scripts need to be excluded from the optimization). Default is all files
  • delete-unused-css - true to delete all unused css files (default is false)
  • delete-unused-js - true to delete all unused js files (default is false)
  • bundles - dictionary of bundles, where key is the target bundle file path and value is an array of files to merge to a bundle


Set the settings in the configuration file.

  minify-css: true
  minify-js: true
    - /_assets/styles/*
    - /_assets/scripts/*
  delete-unused-css: true
  delete-unused-js: true
      - /_assets/styles/style1.css
      - /_assets/styles/style2.css
      - /_assets/scripts/script1.js
      - /_assets/scripts/script2.js

The above configuration will result into all css and js files in the _assets/styles and _assets/scripts folders respectively to be minified, while all other css and js outside of these directories will not be processed.

_assets/styles/style1.css and _assets/styles/style2.css files will be merged into _assets/styles/main.min.css. _assets/scripts/script1.js and _assets/scripts/script2.js will be merged into _assets/scripts/main.min.js. Plugin will also replace the references to all bundles in all pages where applicable.

Note, the plugin will only replace the bundle if all references in the page are being used.

For example this HTML page

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/_assets/styles/style1.css" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/_assets/styles/style2.css" />

will be optimized to

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/_assets/styles/main.min.css" />

while this HTML page will remain as is as its bundle is incomplete

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/_assets/styles/style1.css" />

Plugin will only replace bundles in the HTML <head> node.

Finally, plugin will remove all unused css and js files that are not referenced in any of the pages.

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