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This is a parent theme for user guide theme and blog theme.

This theme contains basic templates setup and enables the most common plugins and components.


  • master - contains the basic frame for the HTML5 page. This layout includes all the assets from the components used by the base theme. In also enables individual pages to inject custom (page specific) scripts and styles by using the corresponding attributes in the metadata
  - /page1/script1.js
  - /page1/script2.js
  - /page1/style1.css
  - /page1/style2.css
  • void - empty layout, inherited from master layout

Standard Library Components



Theme Specific Components


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This include allows to add a current date with the specified format

{% date format: yyyy-MM-dd %}

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Generates a footer with the references to legal information (i.e. Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy etc.) and copyright notices

Footer with links to legal information
Footer with links to legal information

Specify the company name (site url is default) and list of names and corresponding links to legal urls

  company: Xarial Pty Limited
    Terms Of Use: /terms-of-use/
    Privacy: /privacy-policy/
    Cookies: /cookies-policy/
<div class="footer">
    {% legal %}

Page Language

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Component resolves the language of the page and add this to a HTML page header

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

Language is extracted from the lang attribute of the page metadata or configuration for the global option.

Default value is en and can be assigned via default-lang attribute of the include.

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Component provides a generic responsive layout for the site header. It includes title of the site, description and icon.

Site Header sample
Site Header sample

<div class="layout-header">{% site-header %}</div>

Width of the icon can be specified via icon-width attribute (default is 75px). show-title indicates if the title needs to be displayed (default true).

The title and description of the site are extracted from the corresponding attributes of the main page.

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